April Saucedo Hood for 
Los Angeles County Sheriff 2022

Violent Crime

Violent crime has surged in Los Angeles County. Here are my first actions to address it:

  • Saturation patrols and high visibility of marked units in hot-spots

  • Disband Public Corruption Unit and re-direct personnel to assist investigations involving violent crimes, such as homicides. Forward any public corruption complaints to the appropriate agencies (LADA, CA DOJ, and FBI)

  • LASD leaders making a presence and engaging the public in communities plagued by violent crime

Internal Affairs and Discipline

Allegations of misconduct must be investigated thoroughly and impartially. When employee misconduct does not rise to the level of a crime, but involves sustained serious misconduct, the public expects appropriate administrative action. Several of my first actions in this area would be:

  • An external evaluation of ICIB and IAB to determine if the best practices are being utilized

  • A review of the department's outdated disciplinary matrix and begin the process of implementing a new matrix

  • Working with the OIG and COC to implement recommendations and reinstate civilian oversight

  • Implement policy for body-worn camera service audits

Patrol Stations

LASD is responsible for patrolling unincorporated Los Angeles County, county hospitals, 9 community colleges, MTA, superior courts, and 42 contract cities. Policing the nation's largest county is no easy task. Several of my first actions related to patrol stations are:

  • An external evaluation of current deployment, staffing, training, shift scheduling, and overtime

  • Reviewing and re-directing deployment of specialized units to maintain public safety

  • Department mandated training for watch commanders and field supervisors

  • Department mandated training for patrol deputies on mental health, community services, and procedural justice

  • Feasibility study of utilizing civilian personnel for police reports (burglaries, thefts, misuse of personal identifying information, etc.)

  • Purchase force option simulators and implement yearly force option simulator training for all patrol deputies

  • Review the utilization and feasibility of expanding of mental health and outreach teams

  • Pilot Program of Care Packages / Food items in patrol vehicles for those experiencing food insecurities and a way to de-escalate a situation and meet the basic needs of any human being

Jails and Inmate Services

The scheduled closure of MCJ is a looming challenge facing LASD and Los Angeles County. Inmates in-custody should be provided quality services to reduce recidivism, treat substance abuse/mental health disorders, and provide resources for their reintegration into society upon their release. Working with the BOS, DMH, DHS, and ODR to create thousands of community beds for mentally ill inmates.